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Special Poster Session Biofabrication

4D Biofabrication of Skeletal Muscle Microtissue Using Electrospun Bilayers

Tuesday (17.03.2020)
18:22 - 18:25

Majority of human body mass (40%) consists of skeletal muscle. Although regeneration rate of skeletal muscle is relatively high, they cannot heal in the case of tumor ablation or severe damage. Skeletal muscle tissue has a highly complex tubular structure that can be mimicked using tubular self-folding polymeric films [1]. However, high porosity is important for easier transport of nutrient and waste products and can lead to improved cell growth and differentiation. Self-folding electrospun bilayers with high porosity would provide a suitable substrate for tissue growth in a controllable tubular shape [2, 3].

We fabricated electrospun bilayer mats consisting of a layer of aligned polycaprolactone (PCL) fibers, that could guide myoblast cell growth in preferable orientation, and a layer of anisotropic methacrylated alginate fiber (AA-MA). PCL/AA-MA bilayer mats undergo shape-transformation in contact with aqueous medium, a process that is depending on the overall thickness of bilayer, the thickness of each layer and the geometry of the mat. Proper selection of these parameters allowed fabrication of scroll-like tubes for encapsulation of myoblasts. Using fabricated bilayer mats, we were able to align myoblasts along the axis of the oriented PCL fibers. C2C12 myoblasts cells were further differentiated into aligned myotubes that were contractible under electrical stimulation [3].

1. Vannozzi L; Yasa C.I; Ceylan H; Menciassi A; Ricotti L; Sitti M; Macromol. Biosci., 2018, 18, 1700377.

2. Apsite I; Stoychev G; Zhang W; Jehnichen D; Xie J; Ionov L; Biomacromolecules, 2017, 18, 3178.

3. Apsite I; Uribe J.M; Posada A.F; Rosenfeldt S; Salehi S; Ionov L; Biofabrication, 2019, DOI:10.1088/1758-5090/ab4cc4


Indra Apsite
University of Bayreuth
Additional Authors:
  • Dr. Sahar Salehi
    University of Bayreuth
  • Prof. Leonid Ionov
    University of Bayreuth


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