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Plenary Lecture

Materials Mechanics for Impulsive Movement

Tuesday (17.03.2020)
08:30 - 09:10
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Nature provides amazing examples of high velocity, high acceleration, impulsive movements
that can be repeated numerous times over the course of an organism’s lifetime. Synthetic, or
engineered, devices, on the other hand, are often challenged to achieve comparable
performance across a wide range of size scales. Common to nature’s examples is the
integration of three essential components for elasticity-assisted movement: an actuator, spring,
and latch. Here, we discuss our group’s efforts, within a multi-university collaborative team, to
lay a foundation for understanding the role that materials properties and structure play in the
performance of impulsive systems in nature with an eye toward aiding the development of
engineered devices that can overcome current limitations. Collectively, these examples
highlight the integrative approach of our group and how we use bio-inspired materials
mechanics to inspire new technologies and provide fundamental insight.

Prof. Alfred J. Crosby
University of Massachusetts Amherst